Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do Rejoice devices cost so much less than other hearing aids?

Rejoice hearing aids have the same technology as the top dollar hearing aids on the market today. Our founder is a practicing neurotologist, or ear surgeon, whose life mission is helping people hear. We can sell for less because we cut out the middleman audiologist. We program the device and send directly to you or to your physician.

Q: What is the difference between a pre-fitted and a custom fitted device?

Our custom-fitted device, the Rejoice Custom, is programmed to fit your exact hearing loss pattern. We use your hearing test or audiogram to determine the programming that best suits your needs, just like an audiologist would. The Rejoice Custom is slightly more expensive, but it provides the best overall hearing experience.

Q: How do I obtain and submit an audiogram?

If you have an audiogram you can email, fax, or snail mail your audiogram to Rejoice and we will take it from there - Submit Audiogram. If you do not have an audiogram, you may either take our online hearing screen - Online Hearing Screen, or answer our online hearing questionnaire - Hearing Questionnaire.

Q: Will I be able to figure out how to use the Rejoice hearing aid?

The Rejoice device is simple to use. Remember the right ear has a red receiver tip and the left ear has a blue tip. Insert the battery, place device in your ear, and push the button. It's that simple. Check out our videos and user manual for more instructions. Our customer service department is always happy to help with any questions you may have.

Q: My hearing aid stopped working and I can’t hear anything. What is wrong?

First make sure a new battery is in the battery compartment and that the tape has been pulled off battery to activate it. Then securely close the battery door. After a few seconds, cup your hand around the device to see if it whistles, which indicates the device is working. If it whistles but you still cannot hear anything with it in your ear, then it is likely that wax is plugging the tip. Remove the tip and soak it in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for up to two minutes. Rinse with soap and water and brush with soft dry brush such as a toothbrush. Dry thoroughly. If these steps do not solve your problem, contact your customer service representative who will be happy to help.

Q: How do I change the programs on the hearing aid?

Just push the button on the hearing aid.  One beep is the default setting which will be used for most sound situations.  Two beeps is for conversation in a crowd or a noisy environment. Three beeps is best for music.

Q: How long do batteries last? Where can I get more?

Each battery typically lasts about a week, though batteries may last slightly more or less depending on actual device usage. LEAVING THE BATTERY DOOR OPEN when not in use will extend the life of your battery. Replacement #312 hearing aid batteries can be purchased through Rejoice and are also found in many retail stores. We are happy to ship batteries to your door so you never have to worry about running out of batteries.

Q: Does one size hearing aid fit all?

Our hearing aids come with different sized tips to help you find your perfect fit. If you need a different size, please contact customer service and we will work with you to obtain the best fit.

Q: Should I wear my hearing aid all the time?

We recommend starting slow and building up over time. It will take a little time to get used to hearing everything, so be patient and give your brain time to adjust to all the new sound. Always remove your hearing aid at night and open the battery compartment door to preserve your battery life.

Q: Will the hearing aid be noticeable in my ear?

Rejoice devices are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible while delivering incredible improvement to your hearing. We think you will find the appearance, comfort, and quality of our devices to be unsurpassed by any other device on the market today.

Q: What if I want to return my device?

No problem. We know you will hear a world of difference during your 30-day free trial, but if you are not completely satisfied, return your device for a full refund. We highly recommend giving yourself a couple weeks to get used to the device, but if you still want to return, just contact customer service for a prepaid shipping label.

Q: Can I wear the device in the shower? Pool? Rainstorm?

The device is NOT waterproof and should be removed before any situations that might compromise the internal technology and cause the hearing aid to not work properly. Water damage is not covered by the warranty, neither is chew or crush damage.

Q: Can I use it while on the phone?

Certainly. You may need to adjust the angle of your phone’s receiver to avoid some minor feedback, but once you find the sweet spot, it will become second nature.

Q: Are hearing aids covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, no. While you should verify your plan's coverage with your insurance provider, most private US health insurance companies do not provide coverage for hearing devices and neither does Medicare.

Q: How should I store my hearing aid overnight or when I am not wearing it?

Be sure to open your battery door both to preserve your battery life and to allow any moisture to evaporate from your hearing aid. When not in use, we suggest placing your hearing aid in a hearing aid dry box which can be purchased online, or back in its protective box.