Detecting and Treating Hearing Loss

It is important to have a professional evaluation of your hearing loss to identify the correctable causes and detect any harmful medical conditions. A formal hearing test, also called an audiogram, can help identify the causes and potential corrections of hearing loss. An audiogram also allows us to customize a hearing aid to your specific hearing loss pattern, thus giving you the clearest, high fidelity sound perception.

Recent studies show that hearing plays a key role in maintaining good cognition and lessening the chances of developing dementia. If you stop sending sensory signals to the brain, it will wither in function, much like leg muscles waste away when in a cast for prolonged periods. We need sensory stimulation to keep our brains alert and fully functional. Hearing is one of our more vital sensory stimuli. It’s much more than the ability to detect sound; it’s a key to good health and happiness.

According to Helen Keller, “Hearing is the deepest, most humanizing, philosophical sense man possesses…Deafness means the loss of the most vital stimulus, the sound of the voice that brings language, sets thoughts astir, and keeps us in the intellectual company of men.”

You don’t have to pass up better hearing and miss out on life because of cost. Trust us. Return to life and Rejoice Hearing again!