Rejoice Hearing Systems

Rejoice at the Sound of Life!

Our mission at Rejoice Hearing Systems is to provide customized premium hearing aids at an affordable price. Many people who suffer from hearing loss cannot afford to see an audiologist or licensed hearing aid dispenser. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to hear regardless of budget or insurance limitations.

Why Choose Rejoice ?

Surgeon Developed

Our hearing aids are designed by an ear surgeon, giving you the same prescription quality device without the expensive audiology overhead. That means you get the same premium hearing for a fraction of the price.

Customized For You

By providing an audiogram to our professional staff online, you can have a high fidelity digital hearing aid precisely customized to fit your hearing needs. You'll rejoice at the sound of the world around you!

Dr M. Miles Goldsmith

Rejoice Hearing Systems was started by Dr M. Miles Goldsmith, a practicing neurotologist. Learn more about Dr. Goldsmith and his mission to give everyone the opportunity to hear clearly.